Since the electric motor and operating mechanism for the first HDZ circuit breaker(or switch) were developed in 1975, Kaixuan Motor has been engaging in further development, manufacture and sale service in this area. With its high-quality and diversified four categories and over a dozen seris of products of moulded case, low-voltage, middle and high-voltage, and gear box, Kaixuan Motor occupies over fifty percent of the whole domestic market. As one of makers of China industry standards, Kaixuan had taken part in National Sparkle Plan for many times and possesses a number of national patents with intellectual property, and now it is a leading manufacturer.......   More>>>
KX-250 series T4 T5 series F series E series N-VD4 series 3AH55 series 3AH55 series SION series
  Relevant documents are carried out according to the requirements of ISO9000/2000quality system attestation,which strictly control each process in the production.
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